When will my order ship?

Items will ship in six business days or less.

How do I pick up an order locally?

We are located in Langley, British Columbia. If you would like to pick up please select Local Pickup in the checkout shipping page, and we will contact you with pick up details once your order is ready.

What is the allowable weight limit for the carriers?

3.6 kg to 16 kg (or 8 lbs to 35 lbs).

Are all your products and services CCPSA compliant?

All finished products sold in our online store are CCPSA compliant, which entails: flammability testing, material documentation, tags, and specified packaging/labelling. Custom products and services like wrap converted ring slings or custom dyeing follow all CCPSA requirements except flammability testing, as it is impractical in those cases.

What does CCPSA stand for?

Canada Consumer Product Safety Act

How do I use my sling or wrap?

Follow the product instruction brochure included with your carrier. Pictorial instructions and additional resources are also provided on our website. In addition, we recommend you get involved in your local babywearing community and attend a meetup to get help using your carrier.

Do I need to wash my ring sling or wrap before using it?

Yes, please follow the wash instructions included on the back of the instruction brochure. Washing and drying your carrier before use will shrink it down to it’s intended length and soften the fibres so it’s comfortable and safe to wear.

I find my sling very difficult to adjust, do you have any advice?

Yes, make sure that the fabric is evenly distributed between the rings and that the side rails of the sling are at the edges. This will prevent the fabric from getting stuck. Also, as your sling breaks it it will become easier to adjust.

Do you sell outside of Canada?

Not at this time, though if you would like us to please let us know.

Are dyed carriers safe for my baby and I?

Yes, we only use fibre reactive dyes which means that once the carrier is dyed and we’ve washed it several times to get out all of the excess dye, the dye that is left has become chemically part of the fiber molecule and therefore cannot rub off on you or your baby.

Can I forward face my baby in a ring sling or wrap?

Forward facing carries are not recommended. If your child likes to look out and is of suitable age we recommend you try a hip carry in a ring sling, or a high back carry in a wrap.